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Nancy Pelosi Crosses The Line, Accuses Trump Of Responding To Protesters Like A “Banana Republic”‘

Nancy Pelosi appears determined to oppose Trump at all costs. When he wants peace in our cities, she seems to side with chaos.

Dozens of Secret Service agents were hurt keeping D.C. in one piece. The media claims authorities used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

What did Pelosi (who is safe in her gated community) say about it?

From NBC News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., expressed dismay Wednesday at what happened outside the White House on Monday evening when security forces used tear gas and flash-bangs against a crowd of peaceful demonstrators to clear the area for the president…

“What is this, a banana republic?” Pelosi added.

Pelosi called out authorities’ tactics to end potentially dangerous riots, calling our country a “banana republic.”

The outdated phrase is used to describe countries that appear democratic but are really run by dictators.

Our Take:

Pelosi’s out of her mind. First off, there are still conflicting reports about what tactics police used to bring calm to D.C.

But that’s not the point. Even if authorities used feathers and tickles to disperse the protestors, Pelosi would have been mad.

Democrats don’t seem to care that these protests are erupting into violence. A historic church in D.C. was torched. Countless businesses have been destroyed.

And Democrats sit back and bail out rioters and looters.

Don’t be fooled by Pelosi’s words. She wants more chaos to erupt, so she can blame Trump.

If he did nothing, she’d blame him for that. If he does something—like activate the National Guard—she calls us a banana republic.

Which one do you want, Pelosi? Do you want safe streets or looting? Because we know that if we don’t stop it here, it will reach your precious private residents.

Then, you’ll have an opinion, won’t you?

Pelosi doesn’t seem to care. She just looks at what Trump says…

And does the opposite.

Not much of a leader, if you ask me.

Every single politician in the country should be united in their efforts to seek justice for George Floyd, while also condemning the violence.

But Democrats seem wholly unaffected by the pleas of black business owners and residents. I thought they cared about black lives?

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Source: NBC News