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Kentucky Governor Just Caved – He Plans 100% Healthcare Coverage, But Only For Black Communities

After weeks of protests and damaging riots, Democrats ready to push policies once considered unthinkable.

Some Democrats want to defund their police departments. Others want to get rid of them entirely.

And now, the governor of Kentucky is pushing a stunning plan to pander to minorities and redistribute wealth.

From The Hill:

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) on Monday announced a plan to provide health coverage to 100 percent of African Americans in his state as part of an effort to address racial inequalities in health care.

Gov. Andy Beshear announced a plan to provide tax-paid health care to “100 percent” of the African Americans in his state.

He claims this is an “effort to address racial inequalities.”

Boy, the left is getting desperate, huh?

We know they promise welfare and government handouts to buy votes, but this? This is just ridiculous.

Since when did black people deserve free health care, just for their skin color?

Does Beshear think that there are no black Kentuckians who are successful enough to afford their own healthcare?

Does this white Democrat think so little of black Americans?

These drastic plans, including defunding the police, are pathetic ploys by the left to grab back as many black voters as possible.

Recent approval numbers show black voters flocking to Trump in record numbers. Then you have their presidential candidate, Joe Biden, insulting black voters saying “they ain’t black” if they back Trump.

Is it any wonder they are pulling out all the stops with these ridiculous moves?

I’d like to see how Beshear plans on paying for this policy. Does he think the rest of hard-working Kentuckians will give up so much of their pay to fund someone else’s health care?

Why can’t they get tax-funded health care? Why is it only for black residents? Why should someone receive special treatment because of the color of their skin?

And if Democrats cared so much about helping black Americans, why do they continue to push handouts, policies that hurt them?

Democrats didn’t create Opportunity Zones in inner cities. They didn’t achieve prison reform. They don’t champion school choice. All things help black Americans.

All policies by Trump.

No, Democrats apparently think our African American communities can’t afford health care unless the government gives it to them.

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Source: The Hill