free web tracker California Democrat Turns On Nancy Pelosi – Tells Congress To Cancel Their Month-Long Recess

California Democrat Turns On Nancy Pelosi – Tells Congress To Cancel Their Month-Long Recess

Republicans worked for months on a new relief bill. Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, refused to negotiate, preventing a bill from passing.

After all the talk and roadblocking, Democrats now plan on leaving D.C. to go on recess.

It seems they plan on taking an extended vacation to conjure up some votes for November.

But one California Democrat is turning on Pelosi:

Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, called the House’s planned monthlong recess “absurd” and urged Congress to continue working on coronavirus relief legislation…

“I think Congress should be in session,” Khanna said Tuesday during a Facebook town hall with his constituents. “I think it’s absurd for Congress to be going on a break during a pandemic and a national crisis.”

Democrat Ro Khanna from California called out Nancy Pelosi, saying it’s ”absurd” for Congress to go on recess right now.

He called on Congress to continue working on providing a COVID relief package.

Over the Summer, Republicans have worked on several important pieces of legislation to help Americans during the crisis.

Republicans in the Senate, led by Tim Scott, crafted a bill that supported police with an eye to end brutality.

Republicans in both chambers worked on relief packages to help small businesses and families.

Democrats rejected all of it.

Pelosi and Schumer instead demanded unrealistic expenses aimed at bailing out in-debt blue states.

Additionally, Pelosi wanted funding for various projects unrelated to the pandemic.

This is not the first time a Democrat in Congress called out the Speaker. For years, we’ve Nancy unable to properly lead her party in the House.

She caved when radical Democrats pushed for impeachment. She refused to correct certain leaders who expressed anti-Israel sentiments.

Now, it seems the rift continues to grow, as at least one Democrat is criticizing Pelosi for her obvious lack of leadership.

Khanna called on Congress to be in session, explaining to his supporters that he does not plan on leaving D.C.

Is it possible other congressmen will follow his lead?

Key Takeaways:

  • After blocking additional COVID relief, Congress plans on taking a Summer recess.
  • Democrat Ro Khanna criticized his party—and Nancy Pelosi—calling the recess absurd.
  • Democrats have fought to block several bills aimed at addressing ongoing problems.

Source: Fox News