free web tracker After 23-Year Democrat DA Charges Police Officer – Atlanta Voters Just Decided To Kick Him Out In Runoff

After 23-Year Democrat DA Charges Police Officer – Atlanta Voters Just Decided To Kick Him Out In Runoff

This Summer, DA Paul Howard shocked Americans when he charged an Atlanta police officer of murder.

The officer was being charged over the death of Rayshard Brooks, a man who was resisting arrest.

It appears many believe Howard’s charges were too great, considering the circumstances.

The people of Atlanta had a chance to weigh in and they spoke loud and clear:

Fani Willis declared victory Tuesday night in her bid for Fulton County District Attorney, soundly defeating her former boss, Paul Howard…

Howard, seeking his seventh term in office, conceded defeat shortly before 11 p.m…

Howard charged Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, since fired, with 11 criminal counts, including felony murder, following the June 12 shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

The district attorney who charged Garrett Rolfe for the murder of Rayshard Brooks has lost his re-election bid to a newcomer.

Paul Howard conceded defeat after it was clear that Fani Willis clinched the election.

Howard drew strong criticism after charging officer Garrett Rolfe with 11 criminal counts following the shooting of Brooks.

Many believed Rolfe was justified in firing on Brooks, who resisted arrest and appeared to be threatening the lives of officers.

But this happened shortly after George Floyd’s death, as Black Lives Matter was staging protests around the nation.

The media appeared to portray the Brooks encounter in a similar light, ignoring the circumstances.

Rioters in the area destroyed a restaurant in “protest.”

So what did this district attorney do?

He appeared to overstep his bounds by throwing these 11 charges at Rolfe, especially the heavy charge of murder, even though the video was public for all to see.

In addition to this controversial decision, Howard had also been embroiled in various scandals.

Some have charged him with discrimination and sexual harassment.

It appears that the people of Atlanta and Fulton County were fed up with Howard’s leadership and have given him his walking papers.

Are you glad this District Attorney has been voted out of office?

Key Takeaways:

  • The DA who charged Garrett Rolfe for felony murder of Rayshard Brooks has lost re-election.
  • Paul Howard hit the officer with 11 criminal counts.
  • The former DA was also embroiled in several scandals.

Source: AJC