free web tracker New Report Shows Nancy Pelosi And 11 Other Lawmakers May Have Benefited From Their Own Billion-Dollar Aid Package

New Report Shows Nancy Pelosi And 11 Other Lawmakers May Have Benefited From Their Own Billion-Dollar Aid Package

Thanks to government-mandated lockdowns, nearly 40 million Americans were put out of work. To stem the bleeding, Congress passed a relief package worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

That money, available through the Paycheck Protection Program, was supposed to go to small businesses struggling to keep their employees. That money would prevent them from laying off more Americans, thanks to states’ panicked response from COVID-19.

Should that money have gone to members in Congress—who kept getting a paycheck? Many say no. But a new report reveals that Nancy Pelosi and numerous other lawmakers may have directly or indirectly made bank from their own bill:

At least a dozen lawmakers have ties to organizations that received federal coronavirus aid, according to newly released government data, highlighting how Washington insiders were both author and beneficiary of one of the biggest government programs in U.S. history…

Among businesses that received money was a California hotel partially owned by the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The package was drafted in such a way that prevented Donald Trump’s family from benefitting. Meaning the hotels and resorts run by Donald Trump Jr. and other entities were on their own as the economy froze.

They would have been forced to either lay off staff or take a huge financial hit.

Yet according to this report, Nancy Pelosi and a dozen other lawmakers (at least) had family that took money from this program.

Pelosi’s husband partially owns a hotel that took money from the PPP. Additionally, Mitch McConnell’s wife’s shipping business received money as well.

How was that allowed?

It looks like lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were cashing in—as millions of American lives were ruined. Small businesses were jipped as the PPP ran out of money at least once. But big businesses took millions. Seems like par for the course for the D.C. swamp.

Had Trump’s family received a single penny of that money—it would have been all over the news. Yet it appears the mainstream media is refusing to out Pelosi and other lawmakers.

While America suffered, their families got cash. Shouldn’t that be investigated? Shouldn’t these leaders be held accountable?

Key Takeaways:

  • A new report reveals Nancy Pelosi’s husband profited from the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • At least a dozen lawmakers had families whose businesses received funds from the emergency program.
  • President Trump’s family, on the other hand, was forbidden from receiving support.

Source: SF Gate