free web tracker Jim Jordan Turns The Tables On Biden-Harris – Asks If They Are Going To Turn America Into San Francisco

Jim Jordan Turns The Tables On Biden-Harris – Asks If They Are Going To Turn America Into San Francisco

The House might in Democrats’ hands (for now), but Trump has an ally in Jim Jordan.

The Republican has been fighting the radical left and getting work done. He has been key in opposing the impeachment and investigating “Obamagate.”

And now, he just pointed out what Biden/Harris really intend to do in the White House:

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, talks to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ first campaign appearance and the state of the 2020 election

Jim Jordan roasted the Democrats, asking if they are going to turn America into San Francisco.

Joe Biden was hailed as a “moderate” candidate that could best Bernie Sanders and take votes from Trump.

But it’s clear all his advisors are far-left socialists who keep pushing the man to their side. Much of Biden’s platform involves expanding the federal government.

He wants to raise taxes, embrace the Green New Deal, restrict gun rights, and push pro-choice policy.

His running mate is no better. Harris has the most leftist voting record in the Senate, more than Bernie Sanders.

If they were to enter the White House, they would follow the far-left’s script to the letter.

Donald Trump warned that the radical left was calling the shots for Biden. Considering his latest stances, it must be true.

Jordan points to San Francisco as the test grounds for the Democrats’ radical plans. The once beautiful city is overrun with filth, poverty, homelessness, and despair.

Far-left Democrat policies have turned the city into a virtual wasteland. Housing is on the decline as radical environmental rules make it impossible to build new homes.

The cost of living is skyrocketing along with taxes, meaning regular Americans can’t make ends meet.

But, never fear! There is still plenty of money for undocumenteds!

Jordan fears that Biden/Harris will apply those toxic policies across the entire country. Radical housing regulation would mean the inner city imported into every neighborhood.

High taxes would result in fewer jobs and fewer opportunities.

Do you think Biden and Harris can beat Trump with this kind of platform?

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