free web tracker Federal Judge Blocks Portland Order – He Just Allowed Federal Agents To Continue Arresting “Protesters”

Federal Judge Blocks Portland Order – He Just Allowed Federal Agents To Continue Arresting “Protesters”

Since early Summer, rioters have been raging in the city of Portland.

Nightly protests, which erupt into violence, have been going on for two months straight.

The local police have been unable to get it under control. It appears the leftist mayor has refused to do anything to protect citizens.

President Trump sent federal law enforcement to protect federal property and restore law and order.

So, what did the state of Oregon do? They tried to stop the federal agents with a lawsuit.

Now, a federal judge is ruling on it:

A U.S. judge Friday denied an order sought by Oregon’s top law enforcement officer to stop federal agents from arresting people during nightly protests in Portland that have roiled the progressive city and pitted local officials against the Trump administration.

Since May, protesters have run wild in major, Democrat-run cities across the country.

Although Democrats claim these were all “peaceful” protests, the burned-out buildings, destroyed businesses, and innocent victims say otherwise.

In response, many Democrat leaders promised to defund the police, leading to a surge in crime.

President Trump waited for local leaders to restore law and order in cities like Portland. But it was becoming clear that Democrats refused to stop what could only be called anarchists.

Federal law enforcement was brought in to stop dangerous activists from destroying property and endangering lives.

Liberal-leaning news outlets continue to call these rioters “peaceful,” accusing Trump of being a dictator.

But it’s hard to believe their argument, when rioters storm a courthouse, burn churches, and assault bystanders.

(Generally speaking, peaceful protesters march, hold hands, and light candles.)

Democrats are outraged that Trump would use federal agents to stop endless nights of rioting.

But Americans do not appear fooled. They don’t want to see their cities destroyed by Antifa and other America-hating groups.

How long, though, will Democrats continue to encourage rioters—while ignoring their law-abiding citizens?

Do you believe the media when they say people throwing Molotov cocktails are “peaceful” demonstrators?

Key Takeaways:

  • The state of Oregon sued the federal government to stop agents from apprehending rioters.
  • A federal judge blocked their suit, allowing federal law enforcement to arrest dangerous activists.
  • Democrats continue to call “peaceful” protests that have resulted in widespread damage and violence.

Source: KOMO News